Keller Shells

Keller Products Inc. are famous World Wide for their Quality Drum Shells. Keller has been providing precision-built, custom-molded plywood shells to leading high-end drum manufacturers throughout the world for over 50 years. Combining premium materials, experience, innovation and technology, Keller provides the best drum shells available on the market. All Shells are made using premium woods that have undergone rigorous selection and screening processes.

About VSS Drum Shells 

VSS™ (Vibrating Sound Source), a patented Keller Products innovation, uses space-age technology to condition each shell.  VSS™ technology results in regenerated vibrations that elevate head response and increase drum performance thus delivering a wider tonal range, more resonant frequencies and increased volume for longer, louder and warmer sounds.

VSS™ enhances the integrity and strength of the drum shells and provides manufacturers with cleaner entry and exit for drilling, more consistent bearing edges, and improved stability for finishing. Players can expect drums that start with VSS™ shells to deliver a wider tonal range, more resonant frequencies, and noticeable volume increases.