Drummers Base

Drummers Base supplies drum shells, drum parts and Custom Built Drums to Customers throughout the world with a special focus on Japan, Australia and NZ. We take pride in the quality of our products, our technical support and our knowledge of drum building. We are the Official Distributor for Keller Shells within Japan, Australia and the Pacific Rim Area and look forward to working with Drum Builders / Drum Manufactures of all shapes and sizes throughout the region.  
Officially Founded in 2010. Like most drum builders I started building drums for myself and friends from out of the back shed. That was it, I was Hooked! As a Carpenter by trade I had always worked with wood and associated tools and developed a love for making things however it wasn't until I started building drums that I realized just how much. There is something magical about being able to build something with your own hands, then play it and hear the sound it creates. Building Drums has brought me close to many great and talented people who I have learned and continue to learn from and it always seems that everyone I meet who is passionate about building and playing drums is equally passionate about life. 
Combining my passion of drumming and drum building gave me such enjoyment that without realizing it, drum building became my everyday life. As a drummer, building drums, it was great to finally have more insight into the drums that I played and finally understand why they sounded the way they did and in turn what I could do to make them sound the way I wanted. As building each new drum I always had new ideas to test and the result was always exciting & rewarding. 
Building Drums? or Playing Drums?, I'm still not sure which is more Fun! However one thing I am sure about is the incredible energy and enjoyment that comes from building and playing your own drums. For years I have made this energy and enjoyment the base of my drum building / drumming and now understand that "doing what you love to do every moment of everyday, is indeed the energy of life itself". This was the beginning of my base, my Drummers Base. This is my History. 
We now have 2 storage facilities from which we operate. Our main storage "Drummers Base Japan" is located approximately 60km southwest of Tokyo and 50km northwest of the Incredible Mt Fuji. From here we service the Japanese Domestic Market, Australian and New Zealand Markets. Our other smaller sub-storage facility "Drummers Base Australia" is located in Mandurah Western Australia. For parts not available from our DB AUSTRALIA STORE please make your purchases through our DB JAPAN STORE. 
Many Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you!