Keller's Magnum Series Shells are made from Maple plys that are 40% thicker than the plys used to make the current VSS ™ Maple Drum Shells. Magnum shells are available in 5 and 7 ply configurations with diameters of 10" through 24" and 5, 7 and 9 ply for snare diameters 12", 13" and 14".

The use of thicker veneers brings out the full potential of Maple as a tonal wood. A shell with more wood and less glue produces a more organic tone and allows the warmth of the Maple to really come through. The increase in sustain and the low full-bodied fundamental notes are immediately noticed. The thicker plys really bring out the best in these shells; Toms and Snares have rich, focused tones and bass drums are thunderous, explains Justin Owen, Special Accounts Manager and musical shell expert at Keller. The Magnum Series offers another great avenue for drum companies and custom builders to expand their offerings and differentiate themselves from one another.

The Magnum Series also features a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Presently we only have limited stock of Magnum Series Shells however on request can supply them at relatively short notice. If you would like a quote or have an enquiry please contact us at MAGNUM SERIES SHELLS and we will get back to you ASAP.


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