• Shipping Costs are calculated automatically through our Shopping Cart System using Japan Post's Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS is the fastest most reliable shipping method and generally takes 4 working days to most Countries. EMS packages are issued with a tracking number and the contents are insured. Customs Clearance is smooth and fast due to EMS being a priority service. 
  • You can estimate Shipping Costs without having to make a purchase by placing a item or items into your cart and then clicking SHOPPING CART ➡ VIEW CART ➡ ESTIMATE SHIPPING & TAXES ➡ COUNTRY ➡ REGION / STATE ➡ GET QUOTE. If you decide not to purchase please just delete the items. If you wish to purchase please continue to the Checkout.
  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Although the Automatic Shipping Calculator in the Shopping Cart System is set as accurately as possible, when purchasing a large quantity of parts the total Automatic Calculated Weight can sometimes turn out more than the Actual Shipping Weight. This is because when the weight data for each part is entered into the Shopping Cart System a little extra weight has to be added to cover the extra weight / cost of the packing box / packing materials. If this is not done more often than not the Actual Shipping Cost is not covered and we take a loss. In cases where the Actual Shipping Cost turns out to be less than what you were charged, we offer a credit for your next purchase or refund the overcharged amount. 
  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: SMALL QUANTITY ORDERS. The starting or base rate for EMS is 500 grams meaning if you only order a few small parts with a total weight of 100 grams or so, you will be still charged for 500 grams. This is not our charge this is what the Post Office charges. Hence for very small quantity orders please DO NOT go through the Shopping Cart System to purchase, but instead please email us at and we will handle your order outside of the Shopping Cart System so we can offer you a Cheaper Method Of Shipping. 
  • Please Note: The Cheaper Method Of Shipping for "Small Quantities" is Airmail Small Package (ASP) which is only for Small Packages up to 2kg. Although this service is listed as a 7 day service it generally takes up 10 working days. ASP packages do not have a tracking number and are not insured. Additionally ASP packages can be subject to delays caused by Custom Clearance. If you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks to save on shipping costs then ASP is the best option. However if you are in a hurry to receive your parts and happy to pay the extra for fast delivery then we recommend that you use EMS.
  • It is very important to DB that our Customers are charged Fairly and Correctly for Shipping. Therefore if you would prefer to receive an "Exact Shipping Quote" please contact us with the items you are considering purchasing. We will then arrange the items, manually weigh the parts and get back to you with the Exact Shipping Cost for a choice of shipping options that include Fed Ex (Priority of Economy), Express Mail Service (EMS 3~4 Days), Surface Air Lifted (SAL 2~3 Weeks) or Surface Mail (2 months). You can then decide if you would like to proceed. For shipping quote please email us with the items you are interested at EXACT SHIPPING COST