Snare Beds allow snare wires to rest against the bottom drum head and resonate cleanly and correctly. The great snapping or cracking sound is what makes the snare drum so unique and distinct. We offer our Snare Bed Cutting Service (please see below) which is done to precision with a bench router, then hand sanded shaping the beds smoothly into the edges. 

Some drum builders prefer cutting their own snare beds (by hand) so they have control over the width and depth. It is common to firstly cut snare beds shallow, test play the drum to see how well the snare wires respond / perform. If the wires are not vibrating freely (if choking) then the snare bed can be shaved out a little more until to the desired sound is achieved. 

If you would like some more assistance, we are always happy to answer any questions. For more on How To Cut Your Own Snare Beds, please contact MORE ON SNARE BEDS 

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DB 10"~15" Snare Bed Cutting Service
Snare Bed Cutting Service for 10"~15" Snare Shells.  We cut our Snare Beds to ..
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