In the world of Custom Drum Building John Dutra needs no introduction. "He is a Pioneer with Master Skills". John is the founder of GUERRILLA DRUMMAKING and creator of the most comprehensive, unique and exciting online drum building tutorials on the planet.

With zero experience and a few basic tools, John will teach you step by step how to build your very own, one of a kind awesome looking and sounding drums. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes, calculate materials, design and build from the ground up. You will learn how to achieve the same professional results as the Big Drum Building Companies.

For the Custom Drum Builder, Guerrilla DrumMaking is a must.


John offers life membership subscription to his extensive library of custom drum building tutorials for only AUD$98.75. This includes access to almost 30 tutorials (and counting) covering everything you need to know about drum building. He also offers ongoing support and advice to your projects and if there is enough interest in a certain topic will take requests for new drum building tutorials. GDM is subscribed to Worldwide not only by drum building enthusiasts but also by Drum Building Professionals who make a living from drum building. It really is that awesome.

Although GDM and DB are individual entities / companies our goal is the same.

"Sharing the Excitement and Enjoyment of Custom Drum Building with You".   


Wishing You The Very Best In Drum Building
Shaun Keating
Owner / Drummers Base